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Major Hand Bag Must Haves
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Our Major Handbag...

When it comes to the contents of our handbags, there are a few essential items that every lady can’t live without, and our brand new columnists, pop sister duo Major, are no exceptions.

It’s believed that you can tell a lot about a woman from the contents of her bag, so what better way to introduce beauty addicts Irene and Elsa to you all than to have a little rummage in their handbags…

From red lips, to eyeliner flicks and an ever-beeping Blackberry… In their opening column, our new resistant fashionistas talk us through their Major handbag must-haves…
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Cartier Must de Cartier
I love this perfume – I will always have one bottle, sometimes even two, in my handbag at all times for those moments when I need a sudden splash of glamour! It’s a bit like Major in a way… both spicy and sweet, fruity yet floral – it’s my signature scent.

Car Keys
I’m always driving around and if you’ve got to travel, travel in style! My car keys are always within reach; if they’re not being used then they’re either in my hand or my handbag – that’s as far as they ever go!

Shu Uemura False Eyelashes
If eyes are the window to your soul, you may as well make sure they have nice blinds right? I think that the mark of good false eyelashes is that they don’t look fake, and Shu Uemura are by far the best ones I’ve ever used – I always have a spare pair in my handbag.
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Chanel Coco Noir
I’ve been a long-time devotee of Chanel perfume, so when Coco Noir launched last summer I was first in the queue! Chanel rarely launch new fragrances, so you know that when they do it’s going to be a keeper.

MAC Liquidlast Liner
Our look is very much full on glamour, and for me that very much consists of a cat-flick. Liquid eyeliner is an absolute make-up must have in my handbag.

Black Ray Bans
We may live in London, but even if the sun isn’t out, I just think sunglasses are such a strong style staple – they make everyone look more glamorous. Plus, they hide a multitude of sins!

I LOVE colour – no nude lips for me… This is definitely my favourite shade at the moment, I think that it’s perfect for summer and works so well with the current colour pop trend. Some people would opt to match their shirt to their shoes – I’m all about matching my pout to my purse!

As bad as it sounds, when my Blackberry’s out of reach I feel like I’m missing a limb – what did people do before mobile phones?

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  Legal Information: Images provided by Irene & Elsa and Rakuten Linkshare  

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