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National Chocolate Week
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Spa Treats 

As its National Chocolate Week we finally have an excuse to indulge in chocolate and not feel guilty about it.

For chocolate lovers there are events taking place nationally from 14th to 20th October including the world’s largest chocolate show which is in London for the very first time. Salon Du Chocolat takes place at the National Hall, Olympia and feature’s the world’s best chocolate, demonstrations and tastings from top chocolatiers and pastry chefs, children’s workshops, a chocolate fashion show, a bath filled with chocolate and a full size chocolate cocoa tree.

The exhibition also features a chocolate spa too which we are looking forward to enjoying the positive benefits of chocolate for our skin. Chocolate has been used in skincare since the mid 1800 and these days we are seeing cocoa butter being commonly added to the ingredients of cosmetics for its moisturizing and skin softening effects on the skin. A chocolate treatment can also boost serotonin levels making you feel happier.

We asked the experts at SpaSeekers.com to recommend a few of their top chocolate treatments and here is what they’ve given us:

Chocolate Wrapper at Champneys Tring

Chocolate lovers treat yourself! Start with a full body exfoliation to
prepare your skin for the delicious warm chocolate body wrap. Enjoy the
distinctive aroma of chocolate and relax with a scalp massage. Body
butter is massaged into the skin to leave you intensively moisturised
and with a guilt free feel good factor. (55 mins)

Chocolate Indulgence at Bannatynes Spas Nationwide

A full body scrub is followed by a chocolate massage which is guaranteed

to have your mouth watering with the aroma of hot chocolate. Choose your options of mint, orange or original to ensure you capture the mood. (60 mins)

Cocoa Chocolate Back Massage at The Malvern Spa

Mouth-watering pampering for the back using Dead Sea Salts, Essential
Oils and warm 100% Pure Cocoa Butter, this body scrub and massage is unforgettable.  A guilt free sensation to leave skin hydrated,
re-mineralised and smelling gorgeous.
(30 mins)
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To book your chocolate treatment visit www.spaseekers.com
For information on Salon Du Chocolat visit www.chocolateweek.co.uk

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