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Nirvana Spa: Crystal Suite
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Nirvana Spa:

Suffering from January blues? A bit of TLC could be just what you need to put that magic back into your life, as well as give you that much needed restoration!

There’s nothing like a spa day to help you to relax and realign yourself when life gets too stressful.

The Trusted Beauty Guide has visited and reviewed many spa’s over the years and we’ve realised there are only a few establishments who get it right when it comes to giving your mind, body and soul just what it needs.
Nirvana Spa has always been on our list to review so when we were recently invited to the unveiling of their Crystal Suite and their new multi -sensorial spa rituals, we took the opportunity to experience an afternoon at what’s known as one of the UK’s largest spas.

The Wokingham based spa is just one of the few which has its own underground reservoir of spring water which it uses to fill its pools. It has six pools, including an award-winning, 53 station hydrotherapy spa.

Nirvana Spa is famous for its state-of-the-art Thermal Suite and exclusive Celestial Floatation Pool.  An amazing 60 tonnes of genuine Dead Sea salts, including 21 essential minerals, are dissolved in water from Nirvana Spa’s own underground source, heated to a comfortable 35˚C.  One floatation session is thought to be the equivalent of a good night sleep.

On Arrival

Upon arrival we were greeted by friendly staff who kindly gave us keys to our lockers where we could change into gowns and slippers and kiss goodbye to our mobile phones for the afternoon. I have to admit, it took a minute or two to let go of my phone, as I’ve got so used to it always being with me, but I was glad to let go of the outside world to enter spa heaven. My fellow reviewer also felt the same.
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www.nirvanaspa.co.uk                                                              www.nirvanaspa.co.uk

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The Spa Facilities

Nirvana Spa has everything you could possibly want in a spa, you could visit the day spa over and over again and you wouldn’t get bored. There is plenty to do and it has something for everyone! So whether you want to relax, get fit or simply indulge, there is something there to enhance how you feel.

We tried everything and thoroughly enjoyed each experience. We spent a lot of time in the hydrotherapy spa where we worked the powerful jets on our tense muscles.

The Celestial Floatation Pool is a ‘must experience’ especially as it’s the only place in the UK where you can float in spring-fed water with 60 tonnes of Dead Sea Salts.  We enjoyed a 30 minute float session where a gentle current moved us around the pool whilst we listened to calming music, relaxed in dimmed lighting and floated under the star lit ceiling. Afterward we were given some complimentary products to finish off our experience. This included a body scrub, hair mud mask, shampoo and conditioner, needless to say that our skin felt great for days afterwards.

The Crystal Treatment Suite

The Crystal Treatment Suite is a cocooned luxury suite of 12 treatment rooms, 4 of which are dual treatment rooms, each named after a crystal. A beautiful crystal stands in the centre of suite and is surrounded by heated ceramic beds. It’s luxurious yet exotic décor makes it easy for you forget that you are in the UK and not in a spa in Bali.

The Suite offers a menu of exclusive, highly indulgent treatments and a decadent spa journey. To complement the arrival of this luxury suite, Nirvana Spa launched a new portfolio of spa rituals and experiences for the face and body using only the finest products from world-renowned skincare brands such as Germaine de Capuccini, Celestial, Decléor and Jessica.  
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www.nirvanaspa.co.uk                                                              www.nirvanaspa.co.uk

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The Experience

I experienced the ‘Journey into Serenity’, one of the Crystal Suites amazing new signature rituals from Germaine de Capuccini. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had.

My journey into serenity actually began as I walked into The Crystal Treatment suite and continued as we entered the beautiful treatment rooms. The treatment itself is a luxurious eighty minute body massage using Obsidian holistic stones on the body’s Chakra energy points followed by a massage using a warming massage candles. The treatment began by my therapist stroking me with two ostrich feathers, as strange as it sounds, it felt great. The treatment was by far one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had, one which certainly took me beyond the realms of Berkshire.

Following the treatment I was taken to one of the heated ceramic beds and was given a choice of a delicious beauty and well-being herbal teas.
My spa partner had ‘The Perfect Gent’ treatment and experienced similar bliss to what I’d experienced.


Feeling relaxed and realigned, it was lunch time. It was great to have the option to either diet or divulge as there was a choice between a healthy salad bar and an a la carte menu. Seeing a scrumptious selection of cakes, I decided to indulge.

The menu had a great choice of food, a couple of ladies who were Nirvana Spa regulars recommended the ‘Duck Wrap’, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The Overall Experience

We left Nirvana Spa wanting to go back again to experience all the facilities again, to try out some of the other wonderful treatments on the Crystal Suite menu and to have some of that scrumptious cake again.
It would be nice to take a few friends and make an afternoon of it. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to go back.

Nirvana Spa
Mole Road,
RG41 5DJ
Telephone: 0118 989 7500
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  Legal Information: We are not sponsored by Nirvana Spa or paid to review this business.  

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