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The Fountain of Body Youth
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The Fountain of Body Youth

Have we discovered the secret to keeping your body young?
Fountain is a delicious health drink which is developed through years of research and backed by five independent studies to show taken daily, it slow down the ageing process in all parts of the body and speed up recovery times from training or injury.

What’s in it?

The unique blend contains Green Tea and Wild blueberry extract, Vitamin D and Organic blue-green micro-algae.  Together this micro-nutrient and antioxidant rich blend works with our body’s cell renewal system-providing them with the protection and nutrients they need to repair renew and protect.

What does it taste like?

This Twist+Drink shot of good stuff comes in two varieties, Super Berry and Citrus. You can tell it’s natural by how it tastes, although it is sweet, it has a slightly bitter after taste like you’d expect after eating a tangy orange or grapefruit.

What did we think?

Natural Champion Bodybuilder and Co-founder of TTBG is a huge fan of FTN and has been preaching the effectiveness of the drinks for a while now.

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www.ftnbelieve.com                                                              www.ftnbelieve.com

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He says drinking a shot a day has been the key to helping him recover through injuries from training.  Noel say’s recovery after training is as important as training itself and its through recovery that the body grows and gets stronger and  fitter.
I believe FTN has helped my body to recover effectively and has also helped to strengthen my immune system.
Its high levels of antioxidants help to reduce age causing free radicals so one shot a day can help fight ageing.
If it’s good enough for Noel, then it’s good enough for us. Quite often we spend a lot on taking care of the outside by using the abundance of creams and lotion available but if we take care of ourselves from within we could find us needing less of what we put on the outside.
FTN Repair Renew Protect £39.99 for 2 week supply & £79.99 for 4 week supply
Update:Special offer at the moment: 2 Week supply with free shipping £19.99 For further information, visit www.ftnbelieve.com
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high res bottles

ftn citrus box open

high res bottles


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