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Running is by far one of the cheapest ways you can imagine to keep fit, be healthy and not to mention the benefits of jogging. All you need is a good pair running shoes, a bottle of water and the willingness to get up and just do it.   Whether you are just thinking of starting out, new to jogging or a fully-fledged expert runner here are 5 ways to help you on your road to success. Jogging can also be a way to how to loose weight fast.   1)    Decide   Everything begins with a decision and once you’ve decided you are going to jog or run, it’s important to begin before you lose the urge to do it. Just find a pair of comfy running shoes and just go ahead and do it. Remember your first run doesn’t have to be a long one, just run for a few minutes and build on it over time.   2)    Music Motivation   It’s easy to give up quickly without motivation. Listening to music can be the biggest motivators and can help you keep going whilst you are running.   3)    Time Passing with Audiobooks   If you are looking for another way to pass time whilst you are running and find yourself getting bored easily, download an audiobook and listen to it or you could catch up on that webinar recording you haven’t had a chance to listen to. Who says you can’t multitask when running?
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