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Christy Resendes

Showing the world that even a hardcore bodybuilder can turn heads, while flexing her muscles...

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I was born in New Bedford MA, and still reside in MA. I was a professional natural bodybuilder for the IFPA & NGA organization. I am a National Level Bodybuilder in the NPC bodybuilding organization. I am also a certified regional judge for the NPC organization as well as working towards an IFBB professional card. I am currently working as an independent model and personal trainer on the side.

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1, How do you manage to have beautiful skin and look so fresh? What are your beauty secrets?

I exfoliate my skin usually 3 times per week, and I usually try different anti aging products.


2, I can't leave the house without my eyebrows penciled to perfection. Do you have anything you must do before leaving the house?

I would have to say that I am kind of the same way but, I don't pencil I actually pluck my eyebrows. I am constantly checking to make sure I got all the stray hairs. lol


3, Trapped on a desert island, what 3 products would you really miss?

Shampoo, conditioner, and a nail file


4, What beauty or spa treatment can't you live without?

I love back and neck messages!


5, What is your favourite spa/salon?

I do not really have a favorite salon/spa, any day spa will do.


6, How do you prefer to relax?

To relax, I like to go out side at night during the warmer months and lay a blanket on the ground and watch the stars.


7, What do you do to stay in shape?

I weight train 5 times per week and I also do cardiovascular training 5 times per week. I also see a nutritionist 1-4 times per month to maintain a healthy diet. 


8, What are your favourite exercises?

Bicep curls and leg press machine :-)


9, Do you have any special diets?

Well the competition season usually ends mid November, just before the holidays. This is usually for most called the off season where we maintain some what a healthy eating pattern but are able to enjoy food more without having to worry too much.  Most in my profession will diet for 12 week prior to a chosen competition date. During this 12 week period it is important to be able to stick to the diet. This is so that the nutritionist knows how your body is reacting to the diet and can modify it to the individual and their goals accordingly.


10, Do you have any special dieting tips?

Well there are a few misconceptions that I would like to share.

You can't spot specifically lose weight. By this I mean you can't just lose weight in one area (like your stomach). When you lose weight it comes off from everywhere. Also, I eat 6-10 times per day. Now you might think that's a lot but they are small meals. Sometimes it may just be a protein shake. Eating small meals frequently raises your metabolism and helps your body function more efficiently.


Oh, one more thing too! When you don't eat all day or if you hardly eat at all your body actually reserves your fat deposits and will start to break down muscle tissue. So, even tho you maybe losing weight it might not be the fat you are losing.


11, What are your favourite Healthy foods?

Grapefruit and peanut butter :-)         


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Photo Credits: Marc Thyssen Photography

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